Medical Nanotechnology Market Guide 2012
Publish date : 2012/04/29 Visited : 5620 Papers Topic : -
Author : Pharma-Reports

This report examines the roles nanotechnology plays in the pharmaceutical industry. It also provides contact information for 34 Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors that are invested in nano start-up companies.

Nanotechnology is widely considered to be one of the most promising technologies of the 21st century. Recent advances in nanotechnology-related drug delivery, diagnosis and drug development are beginning to alter the landscape of medicine. While nanomedicine potentially offers promising new value propositions and revenue streams, in diagnostics for example, it could also completely displace certain classes of drugs such as current chemotherapy agents with novel nanoparticle reformulations. 

Key Highlights:

  • ·         Medical applications of nanotechnology
  • ·         Commercialization timeframe
  • ·         Value Chain Profile
  • ·         Risks of Nanotechnology to Human Health
  • ·         Nanotechnology Patents
  • ·         Nanotechnology in drug delivery systems
  • ·         Nanotechnology in Therapeutics
  • ·         Nanotechnology in medical implants and Medical Materials 
  • ·         Nanotechnology in Analytical Tools and Instruments 
  • ·         Nanotechnology in Diagnostics 
  • ·         Nanotechnology and contraception
  • ·         Nanotechnology and Gene Therapy
  • ·         Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine 
  • ·         Nanotechnology and Nuclear Medicine
  • ·         Nanotechnology and Diabetes
  • ·         Nanotechnology and application in medicine
  • ·          Classifying Companies in Medical Nanotechnology  

This report published by Pharma-Reports on page 172 and is available for purchase.