Iran Nanohealth Committee


Nanotechnology Committee of Food and Drug Organization has been formed to develop guidelines to assess and approve Nano-Health products of Iran's Market in the areas of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, cosmetics and hygienic, food, beverages and pharmaceutical supplements.


A) Committee members

Committee members include committee chairman and secretary in general, director of different departments in the Food and Drug Organization (FDO) and assignee of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC).

B) The Committee Secretariat

Iran Nanohealth Committee Secretariat follows the Committee duties and administrative affairs under the supervision of Secretary in general of the committee. Secretariat experts are responsible to register Nano-health products and categorize the raw materials and finished products in related groups, assess their documents and finally to present them in respective Professional Workgroups (PWG).

C) Professional Workgroups

Professional Workgroups formed to provide consulting services, particularly developing criteria and guidelines which are required for assessing Nano-Health products. These groups consist of experts and academic members who are specialized in related fields and also executive experts of Food and Drug Organization’s departments and Health Ministry.

At present, four active workgroups have been established including:

1) Pharmaceuticals PWG

2) Medical Essentials and equipments PWG

3) Cosmetic – hygienic PWG

4) Food and beverage PWG

Committee activities

1 - Developing guidelines and administrative instructions relating to assess and approve Nano-Health products

2 – Assessing and making decisions about the registered products.

3 - Educating experts of the Food and Drug Organization, Ministry of Health, the applicant companies, academic volunteers etc.

4 - Professional Promotion and interaction with manufacturers in the related areas

5 - Supporting the commercialization of Nano-Health products